About Us

We are an innovative, progressive, inventive and disruptive medico-legal consultancy, advisory and Mediation service for the public and private sectors.

We believe in changing the conventional and traditional way that medical law operates in a novel, fresh and effective way and are conveniently based in London with good access to all parts of the UK.

Our specific aim is to provide a quality cost effective service to augment and complement your own in-house practitioners.

As such, we may be regarded as an adjunct to your own skillsets in order to effectively resolve complex medico-legal issues together.

We offer medico-legal consultancy, advocacy, advice and support, Mediation and Resolution services and forensic services to organisations and lawyers involved in civil and criminal matters.

We also handle judicial reviews, tribunals, Trial preparation, health and safety issues and inquests, including inter alia clinical negligence, personal injury, drink driving, disputed paternity and DNA results, wrongful birth and ‘swapped baby’ cases.

We provide services to investigate the technical and medical aspects of matters and gather evidential material to prepare a preliminary screening report, a medico-legal or forensic report. The report is presented in a format which encapsulates the crisp issues and identifies appropriate technical experts to consult.

We are delighted to have secured the services of Dr. Chris Martin within the company. With his vast experience, hospital training and honours degrees in the biological sciences, medicine and law (LLB. LLM. LLD), a Certificate in Medicine and Law and 25 years experience in practice as a medicolegal lawyer, he is able to accurately and quickly appraise the vast majority of medicolegal issues. (See Mercury newspaper article in Press). His Masters thesis was on DNA Forensics and the Law and his LLD dissertation was on HIV/AIDS Law, Policy and Human Rights.

He is also a registered Teaching Assistant in Medical Law and Ethics at the School of Law, University of Manchester, a Council Member of the Medico Legal Society of Great Britain and is a volunteer with AvMA in Croydon. In October 2018 he became registerd as a specilaist personal injury / clinical negligence and medicolegal Mediator with the Civil Medaition Council having completed a Mediation course with the London School of Mediation in July 2018.

We are committed to remaining up to date on all matters and issues related to the medicolegal field and as a result we attend seminars and conferences the most recent being the AvMA Conferences in Brighton in July 2016 and 2018.

He was admitted as a Member of the Medico Legal Society of Great Britain in December 2012 and now sits on their Council and attends their monthly meetings in London  in order to be fully ‘up to date’ with recent trends, cases and discussions in medicine and law.

This is augmented by attending the bi-annual Innovations in Medicine talks at the Royal College of Medicine in London.

We understand that he is the only medicolegal specialist consultant in the UK to fully upgrade his knowledge on current medicolegal issues.

Our primary focus and direction is SERVICE to our clients. Our professional values make it imperative that service is the overriding priority to our clients.

To discuss your requirements and how we can assist and support you,  please do not hesitate to contact Chris Martin via the contact us page or by phone on 07979420500