We have had many varied and interesting cases over the past 25 years and instructions recently which have showcased the huge cost-effectiveness and benefits of outsourcing such matters from the public and private sectors.

Such benefits include the collation and explanation of clinical notes and medical records.

Our recent instructions have been from:

  • A large National firm of prominent personal injury and medical negligence Solicitors in conjunction with case management and liaising with a large ‘after event’ insurance company, this is an on-going involvement and up to January 2015 we have completed over 370 medical reports for them as well as Indexing and Paginating 100 sets of clinical notes in preparation for Trial
  • Torbay NHS Trust, involving the making of a teaching video for nursing and clinical staff
  • Consulted on misdiagnosis and incorrect medication at a hospital
  • Citizens Advice Bureau at ATOS Health Assessment and a health/disability Tribunal appeal, which was successful
  • Judiciary on criminal liability
  • Indexing and Pagination services in preparation for Trial
  • Helpline Volunteer at medicolegal and clinical negligence charity AvMA in Croydon – June 2014
Seminars and Conferences
  • Attended Mediation and Arbitration seminar in Clinical Negligence Claims litigation, London, February 2016
  • Attended and presented recent trends in Medical Negligence for 5R1 Seminar in London, March 2016
  • Attended seminar and update on the ‘Montgomery judgement after Bolam’, London, March 2016
  • Attended AvMA seminar on the ‘Duty of Candour – one year on’, March 2016.
  • Full day seminar / summit at Royal Society of Medicine , London on Medical Innovations, April 2016
  • Attended AvMA Conferences in Brighton, July 2016 and July 2018.
  • Mediation Symposium (London) September 2019.

In July 2012 we were approached by a large national PI / medical negligence law firm to undertake the overview and consideration of a large number of case files which would be amenable for ‘after event’ insurance for a ‘no win no pay‘ claim.

We provided the Torbay NHS Trust with comprehensive medico-legal advice and opinion relating to an educational teaching / training video.This targeted the importance of keeping and maintaining comprehensive, accurate and dated patients’ clinical records and notes. The outcome  resulted in a useful teaching video for nursing and other health professionals.
In 2015 we began to work with a clinical negligence organisation in N. London providing guidance and input in assessing clinical negligence claims which involved providing preliminary screening reports for them and their clients.
Consulted on a patient misdiagnosed and prescribed warfarin with serious and long term health complications as a direct result.
Whilst instructed by the CAB we were requested to accompany a client for an ATOS assessment as a result of his claiming Disability Living Allowance. Our role was to take notes and advise the CAB on the merits of an appeal should it be necessary. In August we assisted a client in overturning a declined Disability claim on appeal.

We were contacted by a member of the criminal bench for advice on the possible criminal liability of an anaesthetist who had allegedly caused the death of a young patient following the administration of excessive  anaesthetic.

We are now established as a medicolegal/clinical negligence/personal injury Mediator.